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Casting Foundry Litostroj Potisje

Louis Vuitton Outlet Equipment of louis vuitton outlet production have benn installed in Foundry in 1978, and have been bought in Great Britain from the Company "MAVEREX". The Capacity of the foundry are 6.000 tons of grey and nodular iron castings per year.

Production is going on two lines. Forms of the cheap louis vuitton sample parts are made handmanual with cores and forms using furan pitsh. The casting are from 20kg up to 21000kg. Using mashine making forms, on the infinitely line for serial production.

Louis Vuitton Outlet Online Store, Cheap Louis Vuitton Designs Of Handbags For Sale.

Louis Vuitton Outlet Online Store, Cheap Louis Vuitton Designs Of Handbags For Sale.

Louis Vuitton Outlet Online Store, Cheap Louis Vuitton Designs Of Handbags For Sale.

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Turning lathe PD2000-6000SM

We are proud to present that cheap louis vuitton has delivered a special horizontal turning lathe PD2000-6000SM with cyclical control to a Hydropower customer in July 2012.

This lathe is designed for louis vuitton outlet turning, drilling and milling of blades (guide vanes, wicket gates, turbine blades) as well as for processing of other products.

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[10 Dec 14] :: Louis Vuitton handbags fashion evolution Past and Present
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Louis Vuitton handbags for the first time to the city conducted a comprehensive classification, including dating back to the late 19th and early 20th century sections of ladies handbags. These can be placed by authentic louis vuitton outlet a variety of portable suitcase in the trunk, and a long time ago to represent the LV classic clothing line developed from the soft surface of the bag, after a hundred years of evolution of cheap louis vuitton outlet online diversity, with the modern woman required for a variety of practical features. Speedy, Papillon, Alma, Lockit, Noé, Bucket, Neverfull, Sac Plat and etc. The Pochette handbags has become the world's leading package, far-reaching implications.

Reference book of louis vuitton outlet belts the last century industrial design object classification grouping overall attempt to emulate the scientific classification of plants and animals, the development process of the city handbags were recorded. The book from Steamer, Vanity, Alzer and Keepall other four suitcase "originator" traces these louis vuitton outlet bags bags "family" of the origin and history of the earliest urban handbag styles typical of today's most sought-after collection of money each one of them in detail review. In addition to providing each of the main bag "family" a complete genealogy, the book also detailed description of the artistic collaboration of Louis Vuitton in the past 20 years are involved, is how to promote the evolution of urban handbags, conducted from a single basic models in different directions development of authentic louis vuitton.

In Marc Jacobs (Marc Jacobs) describe, NN14 limited edition package shall become the original version of the package shall "clean version", more compact, more sense of flow lines, but originally designed for placement champagne barrel Overall, let this section of the package can easily be discerned. So, NN14 become louis vuitton outlet handbags 2014 spring and summer of iconic package, and Marc Jacobs (Marc Jacobs) who muse in the new season advertising special to sparkle.

Louis Vuitton 2014 spring and louis vuitton outlet online summer handbags NN14 adopted many luxury elements: feathers, crystal, tassels, rivets and python leather stitching, for Louis Vuitton LV (Louis Vuitton) unique process provides strong testimony; plus several less complex process of the package, the main tone of 2014 spring and summer of this package shall appear, and they all have unique cheap louis vuitton outlet NN14 details: switch to manual fold leather, Louis Vuitton leather stamping handle, as well as with the classic key lock. In the section of the package, and also shows a removable bag to place valuable personal items.

This typical natural history books with a canvas-type clamshell sealed box design and marble paper inside pages, louis vuitton outlet store and a set of eleven illustration board. This limited edition books in French, English and Italian in three versions, and exclusive sales at Louis Vuitton stores and louisvuitton.com each site.

[23 Jul 14] :: Repair
news imagePhoto of overhauled machines, before repair and after repair.
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